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Introduction: In the fourth round of La Liga, Barcelona challenged Celta away from home and faced 6 unbeaten hosts that failed to beat away. With Fati’s consecutive goals, Messi’s consecutive goals were lost, and Roberto Barcelona scored in stoppage time, 10 players (Langley was sent off from two yellows in the first half) Barcelona beat Celta 3-0 away, ushering in two consecutive La Liga victories.


Setien’s coaching Barcelona relies heavily on Messi’s play style, and the away record is particularly poor. The players have fewer positions and runs, and their play style is relatively simple. Since Koeman coached, Barcelona's commonly used 433 has become 4231. With three warm-up matches and two La Liga games, Koeman's Barcelona has won 5 consecutive victories.


In this game against Celta, Koeman said at the pre-match press conference that the current Barcelona does not need a rotation. Barcelona’s starting lineup is exactly the same as the previous round. This is also Koeman’s three consecutive games with the same lineup. The difference is that May The location of West and Griezmann is just that.


In Koeman's 4231 lineup, there are four combination of midfielders and frontcourts who change positions frequently.


Barcelona's first attack in the opening game, Barcelona made a change of position in the frontcourt. Messi came to the left and cooperated with Alba and De Jong, while Fati moved to the middle. Behind, Fati moved to the left and formed a transposition with Messi.


It is worth mentioning that in this game, Koeman also noticed the gap left behind by Alba's attack. De Jong made up for Alba's left-back position many times in this game.


Last season Griezmann often appeared in this position, but he was not good at breaking through, unable to create a hot spot on the left, but Grid more time to fill the gap in Alba's offense.


And this season, Fati's condition is getting better and better. After scored twice in the last round and a goal, Fati once again broke Celta's barrel formation with a goal in this game.


With this hot spot of Fati on the left, Barcelona almost repeated the offensive trend of playing against Villarreal in this game. More than 40% of the offenses came from the left, if not for Fati in the 70th minute. Being replaced by Trincon, Barcelona will have a higher percentage of offense from the left. Moreover, in this game, Fati's 4 outstanding performances were also the highest in the team.


In addition to Fati's excellent state, Coutinho's state is also picking up after Bayern's loan period, especially after Bayern won the Champions League trophy last season. In the offensive organization, the dual-core formation with Messi organized Barcelona’s offense in an orderly manner. In this game, Coutinho's coverage is extremely large, 2 shots, if not for the blocking of the post, Coutinho's "Cloud Piercing Arrow" would be staged again.

除了法蒂的出色状态之外,在拜仁的租借期过后,库蒂尼奥的状态也在回升,尤其是在拜仁上赛季赢得冠军联赛奖杯之后。在进攻组织中,与梅西(Messi)组成的双核心小组有组织地组织了巴塞罗那的进攻。在本场比赛中,库蒂尼奥的覆盖面非常大,有2杆,如果不为哨所遮挡,库蒂尼奥的“ Cloud Piercing Arrow”将再次上演。

In addition to the gradual return of Coutinho’s offense, Coutinho’s organization also shared the pressure of Messi. Several times from defensive to offensive, Coutinho’s counterattack pushed forward, and there was a turmoil in front of Celta. .

除了逐步恢复库蒂尼奥的进攻外,库蒂尼奥的组织还分担了梅西的压力。从防守到进攻几次,库蒂尼奥的反击都向前推进,塞尔塔(Celta)面前发生了动乱。 。

After Coutinho replaced in the second half, although Barcelona scored a goal, the offensive sorting was obviously not as good as the first half. Pedri still needs the game to temper, and more burdens are placed on Messi. During this time, the situation of qualifying last season was staged again. Messi organized the attack, Messi broke through, and the ball had to go to Messi's feet again. As shown in the picture below, for Barcelona’s counterattack, Alba can be assigned to Pedri on the right, or he can break the ball directly into the penalty area, but the ball is handed over to Messi. As a result, Messi’s through ball is too large and it is directly confiscated by the goalkeeper. , And also caused Alba's yellow card for the goalkeeper.

库蒂尼奥在下半场换人后,尽管巴萨打入一球,但进攻排序显然不如上半场。佩德里仍然需要调整游戏的节奏,梅西需要承担更多的负担。在此期间,上赛季排位赛的情况再次上演。梅西组织进攻,梅西突破,皮球不得不再次移到梅西的脚。如下图所示,在巴塞罗那的反击中,阿尔巴可以分配给右边的佩德里,也可以将球直接打入禁区,但球被移交给梅西。结果,梅西的传球太大,被门将直接没收。 ,而且还为阿尔巴门将造成了阿尔巴的黄牌。

Although Barcelona beat Celta away, but this game still exposed some of Barcelona's problems.


1. Griezmann's goal shortage continues


As a member of the four-man team in the frontcourt, Griezmann felt that he was the first player to be replaced. After Langley's red card, Griezmann was quickly replaced by Araujo. He is still looking for a match. State and a goal.


2. The defensive problems of Pique and Langley have never been solved


In this game, compared to Langley’s two yellows and one red, Pique would have been sent off with a red card very early if it were not for the intervention of VAR and the assistant referee. Pique’s slow turning characteristics were once again used by opponents. .

在这场比赛中,与兰利的两个黄色和一个红色相比,如果不是因为VAR和助理裁判的介入,皮克会很早就被红牌罚下。皮克(Pique)的慢转特性再次被对手使用。 。

Langley's first yellow card was also because he turned too slowly and was passed by his opponent in one step. In desperation, he could only foul. The second yellow card shouldn't be the case. The offensive player's flank broke, even if he was passed. , Barcelona's midfield defense still has players to fill. According to Opta statistics, Langley has won 4 red cards since he played for Barcelona, ​​the most players in La Liga. If it is in the Champions League stage, the defense line composed of Pique and Langley cannot stop the impact of the top strikers.

兰利的第一张黄牌也是因为他转得太慢,被对手一步一步超越了。无奈之下,他只能犯规。并非第二张黄牌。进攻球员的侧翼突破了,即使他被通过了。 ,巴塞罗那的中场防守仍然有球员需要填补。根据Opta的统计数据,自从兰利为西甲最多的球员巴塞罗那效力以来,他已经赢得了四张红牌。如果处于冠军联赛阶段,则由皮克和兰利组成的防御线无法阻止顶级前锋的冲击。

3. Barcelona's right-sided attack still failed to open up. Compared with the hot on the left, Barcelona's right-sided attack seemed to have few options. In the early stage, there were Semedo and Messi on the right. Now Semedo has gone to the Wolves, May West also returned to the middle, and Griezmann and Roberto lacked the ability to break through the right, unable to form a new burst.

3.巴塞罗那的右路进攻仍未公开。与左边的热火相比,巴塞罗那的右侧进攻似乎没有什么选择。在早期,右边是Semedo和Messi。现在Semedo进入了森林狼队,May West也回到了中间,而Griezmann和Roberto缺乏突破右路的能力,无法形成新的爆发。

If every game relies on Barcelona's left attack, once the left attack is restricted, Barcelona may not be able to open the situation. Whether the newly joined Durst can carry the banner of offensive on the right, we can only wait and see. To


Even if there are still many problems, but the Barcelona led by Koeman, from the current two La Liga games, at least a lot of improvement in offensive. Before the transfer window closes, Barcelona still has the opportunity to introduce new aid. What's the future? Let's watch it game by game.


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