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How to deal with the unprecedented high-intensity schedule of the new season? How can the players be returned to their clubs completely after completing the tasks of 7 days and 3 matches safely? Loew’s strategy is to recruit up to 29 players (3 goalkeepers + 26 outfield players) in one go to prepare for the friendly match against Turkey at home on October 7th, as well as the away game against Ukraine on the 10th and Switzerland at home on the 13th. UEFA Europa League group stage. These 29 players, in addition to several Bayern and Leipzig RB main players who took a break last month (Neuer, Kimmich, Gnabry, Gorecka, Halstenberg and Klostermann) , Also includes the two newcomers of Monchengladbach midfielder Jonas Hoffman (28 years old) and Dortmund midfielder Dahoud (24 years old).

如何应对新季节前所未有的高强度赛程?在安全完成7天3场比赛的任务后,如何将球员完全送回俱乐部? Loew的策略是一次性招募多达29名球员(3名守门员+ 26名外场球员),为10月7日在主场迎战土耳其的友谊赛以及在10日对阵乌克兰的客场比赛以及在10月对阵瑞士的比赛做准备。 13日。欧洲联赛欧洲联赛小组赛阶段。这29名球员,除了上个月休息的几名拜仁和莱比锡RB主要球员(Neuer,Kimmich,Gnabry,Gorecka,Halstenberg和Klostermann)外,还包括门兴格拉德巴赫中场球员Jonas Hoffman(28岁)的两名新人,以及多特蒙德中场达豪德(24岁)。

Long before Loew announced the list of 29 people, the major German media had already learned the reliable news that Dahoud was selected for the first time. Compared to Hoffman, who is the absolute main force at Mönchen and has performed well in recent months, it is surprising that Dahoud, a Syrian immigrant, can be selected for the German national team. After all, he is only a substitute in Dortmund, in the midfielder position. The order of appearances ranked behind Witzel, Bellingham, Delaney, Brandt and Emre Can (the main defender after the start of the new season), and only the fifth or even sixth candidate. In the first 2 rounds of the league, he played only 7 minutes. It wasn't until Wednesday night that he lost 2 to 3 away to Bayern in the German Super Cup that he won the opportunity to play the entire game with a large rotation of the team.

在勒夫宣布29人的名单之前很久,德国主要媒体已经了解到可靠的消息,即达豪德首次被选中。与霍夫曼相比,霍夫曼是慕尼黑的绝对主力军,并且在最近几个月中表现出色,令人惊讶的是,叙利亚移民达豪德(Dahoud)可以入选德国国家队。毕竟,他只是多特蒙德中场球员的替补。出场顺序排在Witzel,Bellingham,Delaney,Brandt和Emre Can(新赛季开始后的主要后卫)之后,仅排名第五甚至第六位。在联赛的前两轮中,他只踢了7分钟。直到星期三晚上,他在德国超级杯中输给拜仁2比3的比赛后,他才有机会在整个团队的大轮转中参加整场比赛。

Since his transfer to Dortmund from Monchengladbach in the summer of 2017, Dahoud has been unable to realize his talents. Especially after the mentor Favre took over, his playing time continued to decrease. In the 2018/19 season, he played 7 starts and 7 substitutes in the Bundesliga. He played only 694 minutes in total, and dropped to 6 starts last season. 6 substitutes, a total of 556 minutes. All in all, with his development in the club, Dahoud is not eligible for the German team anyway.

自2017年夏天从门兴格拉德巴赫转会至多特蒙德以来,达胡德一直无法发挥自己的才能。特别是在导师法夫尔接任之后,他的上场时间持续减少。在2018/19赛季,他在德甲踢了7次首发和7次替补。他总共只打了694分钟,上赛季跌到了6局。 6个替补,总共556分钟。总而言之,随着他在俱乐部的发展,无论如何达乌德都没有资格参加德国队。

Loew did not explain why Dahoud was recruited, but Gundogan was quarantined because he tested positive for the new crown virus. It was an important objective reason because the two were very similar in terms of technology. The important subjective reason is that Dahoud has successively experienced the 2017 U21 European Youth Championship and the 2019 U21 European Youth Championship. The outstanding graduates of the U21 team will always enjoy better treatment under Loew.

洛伊(Leew)没有解释达荷(Dahoud)被招募的原因,但贡多根(Gundogan)被隔离,因为他对新的冠状病毒测试呈阳性。这是一个重要的客观原因,因为两者在技术方面非常相似。重要的主观原因是,Dahoud先后经历了2017年U21欧洲青年锦标赛和2019 U21欧洲青年锦标赛。在Loew的带领下,U21队的优秀毕业生将始终享有更好的待遇。

But in 2017, Dahoud's performance was actually disappointing. He started consecutively in the group stage but his performance was mediocre. In the semifinals and finals, he sat on the bench. It wasn't until the 2019 session that he served as the main force from start to finish, and he played the role of the midfield hub well. But don't forget that the U21 team that won the European Youth Championship in 2017 is actually the "second team", and the real main players are all upgrading the national team to play in the Confederations Cup. Dahoud was actually not the main player of that session, but benefited from Goretzka's promotion of the national team. In the 2019 session, the overall quality was obviously not as good as the "second team" in 2017.


Dahoud has played 22 times on behalf of the U21 team and scored 4 goals. He has also been selected for the U18, U19 and U20 teams. He has always been high hopes, but he hasn't raised the ball much since his debut for several years. The game is too casual, and the defense is not tough. It has always been his fault-Thiago's label? Favre responded positively to Dahoud’s selection into the national team, "Of course I am happy for him. Going to the national team is good for him." As for why Dahoud has not been reused so far, Favre said: "He People shouldn’t forget when he’s young. He has to keep working hard. He is a No. 8 who can run a lot and hold the ball, but he still needs time. "Still young? Bellingham, who has made consecutive starts, is 7 years younger than Dahoud...


In fact, in the central midfielder position, the main player like Dahoud can play No. 8 or even No. 10, and there are many talents who have developed better in the club, such as Arnold of Wolfsburg ( The captain of the 2017 U21 European Youth Championship team, completed the only national team appearance in the 2014 World Cup against Poland), Demir Bay of Leverkusen (participated in the 2017 Confederations Cup as a substitute), There is also Maximilian Egerstein of Werder Bremen (selected in March 2019 but did not appear). In addition, Serdal and Neuhaus, two of Dahoud’s comrades in the European Youth Championship in 2019, and Hoffman, who was also selected for the first time (of course, he is a winger and has more diverse attributes) , Are all players in this position.


The above-mentioned players, whether they are on the list this time or those who have not been re-selected, are actually the candidates of the national team after the fifth or even sixth hits of the 8th or 6th position. Everyone knows that the positions of Kroos, Kimmich, Gundogan and Gorecka cannot be shaken in the short term (Emre Jan can also play), especially now that they have become Bayern’s main double midfielders. Kimmich and Gorecka will only continue to widen the gap with other "post-95" competitors in this European Cup cycle.

上述球员,无论是本次入围名单还是未被重新选拔的球员,实际上都是在排在第8位或第6位的第五甚至第六次命中之后的国家队候选人。每个人都知道,短期内不能动摇克鲁斯,金米希,冈多安和戈雷卡的位置(埃姆雷·扬也可以出战),尤其是现在他们已经成为拜仁的主要双中场球员。 Kimmich和Gorecka只会继续扩大与其他欧洲“ 95后”竞争对手的差距。

As for why Dahoud and Hoffman can be selected, or why Arnold, Demirbaye and others are not re-elected, there is no need to be too entangled. Whether these "non-staff" are selected is important to the national team. The actual significance of, they are not able to give the national team immediate combat power bonus. Of course, for individual players, being selected into the national team is always a great honor and a great affirmation. Who doesn't want to receive a call from Love?


In fact, not all 29 players recruited by Loew this time were selected for the two UEFA Europa League games.


In other words, such marginal players as Dahoud and Hoffman, Neuhaus, who has yet to get a chance after being selected for the first time last month, or Henriks, who was selected for the first time since the 2017 Confederations Cup, this time May be selected just for a friendly match with Turkey. By November International Competition Week, Loew will almost certainly have a similar arrangement, that is, let some marginal players deal with friendly matches, and let the standing players deal with the UEFA.


At that time, the German team will play a friendly match against the Czech Republic first, and then against Ukraine and Spain. As the standing players may have more injuries (this time Ter Stegen, Sane, and Krell will lose due to injuries) and more outstanding players may emerge in the depth of the season, Loew recruits more new faces The possibilities will increase accordingly. But for these new players in the national team who have emerged in a special period and are suspected of making up the number-such as Hoffenheim goalkeeper Oliver Bowman, who was selected for the first time last month due to the fatigue of Neuer and Ter Stegen. , Don’t care too much, wait for them to be selected a few times in a row.

届时,德国队将先与捷克共和国进行友谊赛,然后与乌克兰和西班牙进行友谊赛。由于常任球员可能会受到更多的伤害(这次Ter Stegen,Sane和Krell因受伤而损失),并且在赛季的深处可能会出现更多杰出的球员,因此Loew会招募更多新面孔,可能性因此而增加。但是对于在特殊时期出现的国家队中的这些新球员来说,他们被怀疑是人数最多的球员,例如霍芬海姆的门将奥利弗·鲍曼,由于诺伊尔和泰尔·斯特根的疲倦而于上个月首次入选。 。 ,不必太在乎,请等待它们连续被选中几次。

The latest list of the German national team:










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