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Tiger Fighting, September 25th. In an interview with Radio Serre, Uruguayan star Fran said: "Suarez is a poisonous player? Not at all. Otherwise, how could he and Barcelona have so many teams wanting to bring in as soon as the incident happened. He. He shouldn't have gotten this way of leaving the team, Barcelona management did not handle it well."


"For those players who have played great performances for the club, this is not the best way to say goodbye. Think about Suarez's contribution on the field, the championship he won, and he is the third shooter in the club's history. I don’t think the way of leaving the team is... at all the way he should get it, but it’s just like the way many others have never gotten them to win. The management didn’t handle this matter well, they didn’t handle it in the way they should. In the end, the player left in this way. I think it shouldn’t be the case, but well, we all know that this professional player made the fans enjoy and made history. He is the legend of the Barcelona club and brought it to the Barcelona fans. There are countless joys, although his way of leaving is not the best, but the most important thing is everything he left for Barcelona, ​​what he showed and the championship he won for the team."


"No, not at all. He does have a very good relationship with Messi, but he is a toxic player? This is definitely not. After learning about his relationship with Barcelona, ​​how many teams are interested in him, so he cannot He is a poisonous player. If he is, how come so many teams are interested in him? I was his teammate. I have a very good relationship with him. We often contact him. He is not a poisonous player. , But after that, just like me, everyone will experience many things. You can’t satisfy everyone. There will always be a lot of jealousy and jealousy. You will deliberately try to influence some people and create some false rumors. ."


"I think the only area that may be questionable is his age, but Suarez is a very professional player. He takes care of his body very much and works very hard. This is because he has been able to play steadily after years of injury. It can be seen that I am really confident in him. I am not worried about him, but I can understand this concern. He went to Atletico Madrid from Barcelona, ​​but he made it before the Uruguay national team. For a lot of goals, although we don’t have a midfield that can control the game like other national teams, we have two forwards in the front field. Both of them can create opportunities on their own. They are Cavani and Suarez. Atletico Madrid’s style is very similar to that of the Uruguay national team. The only doubtful thing is age, but I know what he can contribute, and he can create threats on his own. When he gets multiple offers, he I chose Atletico from a competitive point of view, and it is also a more relaxed choice for his family, so this aspect is also very helpful to him. It depends on his physical condition afterwards and how well his knees recover. Atletico is An excellent club, they have grown a lot in the past ten years. Suarez is a person who can create opportunities on his own. If he is helped by his teammates... I think in many ways, this signing is all It is very helpful."


"No way, no way (laughs), if I choose it, it will become the headline of the media..."


"Yes, it's a bit similar. But I think Suarez has had the honor to play different styles of football in his career. He also scored a lot of goals in the style of Barcelona. I think Suarez and Felix And Costa...I will not say who Suarez is better with, I will say that he and these two partners will be very good, and I think the advantage that Atletico has this season is that they were updated last season. One year, many people left the team, many newcomers joined the team, but this year the players in their team are more familiar with each other. Felix played well last season, but he did not play what everyone expected. Stable performance, I think Suarez and these two teammates are very good partners, I will not say who is better with."


"They are very similar players, they are all fighters. And they can both assist and provide help to their teammates. I think their problem is that both Costa and Suarez need to pay attention to injuries. Obviously Atletico is not a team. A team that will occupy a lot of possessions, but the two of them can contribute to an up-to-the-balance performance on the court when they get the ball. They can let the teammates on both sides come forward freely, and then complete this attack in the penalty area."


"Yes, as you said, it is true that their wing players often run in and then give up the wing to the wing back. But the good thing is that Suarez and Costa can make this The way becomes easier. No matter what defender they face, they are strong players who protect the ball. They can protect the ball for longer. They will give their full backs time to breathe and give their full back teammates. Time so they can step forward."


"Nowadays everyone attaches great importance to scoring, and Cavani is a very good striker. He does not have a team now, and now we see that Real Madrid's game lacks goals, so there is a possibility. , I don’t think this is a bad choice at all."


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