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llol比赛在哪里可以投注:深度-华夏杀入争冠组是偶然吗 他们是怎么努力的

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   On September 28, the first stage of the Chinese Super League ended. Hebei Huaxia Xingfu team defeated Qingdao Huanghai 3-1 in the final round of the match, and finally won the fourth place in the Suzhou Division and entered the second stage of the championship. Just last year, China Fortune Happiness was still fighting for relegation. In less than a year, what changes have taken place in the team? Was it accidental that it entered the championship group? The answer is very clear: definitely not.




With the expiration of the contract between Ravitch and Mascherano at the end of last season, the international footballer Jiang Zhipeng moved to Shenzhen. During the season, another international forward Dong Xuesheng joined Wuhan on loan. This year, Hebei Huaxia Happy's domestic players and foreign aids have the paper strength. , Can be said to be the weakest in recent years. In the past two years, in response to the Chinese Football Association’s “Four Hats” policy for the club, China Fortune Land Development began to invest in the club rationally. Whether it is expenditures, losses, or salary and bonuses, they are implemented year by year in accordance with the requirements of the Chinese Football Association. . The domestic players who received much media attention to join the team may also be left with several "veterans" such as Zhang Chengdong, Ren Hang and Yin Hongbo. However, with the gradual optimization of the team’s staff structure in the past two years, and the strong building of team culture, spiritual temperament, team honor, sense of belonging and cohesion, these "veterans" have persisted in the game despite their injuries, insisted on the competition, and persevered hard. The belief and attitude to the last minute gave the team a positive contribution and greatly encouraged the young players. This is also a key factor for the team to achieve good results in the first stage of the league. Able to enter the championship group and achieve zero goals in 4 games (3 games throughout the 2019 season). Several "veterans" have contributed a lot, and more importantly, are inseparable from the firm determination and correct decision-making of the club's management development and transformation. . Although the club’s management has been in the green zone of the Suzhou division, it has remained unchanged since 71 days and is the strongest backing for the team. In the absence of open fans to enter the stadium, they are the team's most loyal supporter, the twelfth person, every game must be there, cheering for the team.

随着上赛季末拉维奇和马斯切拉诺之间的合同到期,国际足球运动员姜志鹏搬到了深圳。在本赛季中,另一位国际前锋董学胜借贷加盟了武汉。今年,河北华夏快乐队的内线和外援都有着纸上的实力。 ,可以说是近年来最弱的。在过去的两年中,为响应中国足球协会对俱乐部的“四顶帽子”政策,中国财富国土资源开发有限公司开始对该俱乐部进行合理的投资。无论是支出,损失还是薪金和奖金,都按照中国足协的要求逐年执行。 。受到媒体广泛关注的国内球员也可能会留下张承栋,任航和尹洪波等几位“退伍军人”。但是,随着过去两年团队人员结构的逐步优化,以及强大的团队文化,精神气质,团队荣誉,归属感和凝聚力,这些“退伍军人”尽管受到了伤害,仍然坚持比赛坚持竞争,坚持不懈。对最后一刻的信念和态度为球队带来了积极的贡献,并极大地鼓舞了年轻球员。这也是球队在联赛第一阶段取得良好成绩的关键因素。能够进入冠军组并在4场比赛中实现零进球(整个2019赛季3场比赛)。几位“退伍军人”做出了很多贡献,更重要的是,这与俱乐部管理发展和转型的坚定决心和正确决策密不可分。 。尽管俱乐部的管理层一直在苏州分区的绿色区域,但自71天以来一直保持不变,并且是该团队最强大的支持。在没有开放球迷进入体育场的情况下,他们是球队最忠实的支持者,第十二人,每场比赛都必须在场,为球队加油。



At the beginning of the season, due to the epidemic, not only the foreign aid was not available, but the team also faced certain injuries. Zhang Chengdong felt unwell in his legs before arriving in the Suzhou area. In order to protect him, the team did not arrange a match with Yongchang. Started, but he stood up when the team was in difficulty, played with injuries, and led the team to draw against the opponent with one less player. Zhang Chengdong has no regrets, whether he is a center back, right back or midfielder, he will appear wherever he is needed. At the most critical stage, especially when central defenders Pan Ximing and Ren Hang were suspended successively, Zhang Chengdong almost built the team’s defense line by himself, leading China Fortune Plaza to 2-0 victory over SIPG, and China Fortune Plaza 3 to 3 Ping Guoan, Zhang Chengdong led the Jedi counterattack with two goals in stoppage time. Maer Kang scored a lore to kill Tianjin TEDA, and Zhang Chengdong was the most excited one. He flew tens of meters to embrace Maer Kang and the coaching staff. In the 13th round of the victory over Wuhan Zall, in order to block Wuhan’s foreign aid Evra’s close-range shot, Zhang Chengdong stabbed the football for the first time, almost using his right calf to block the opponent’s shooting route. After a simple treatment by the team doctor, Almost completed most of the game with an injured leg. In the post-match interview, facing the camera, talking about the team's course of the year was filled with emotion, choked up several times. After the interview, a man sat on the bench of the team, hiding his face and crying. This is tears of happiness for the team's victory, and tears of pressure release. Only he knows the bitter experience behind, the responsibility and pressure on his shoulders.

在赛季开始之初,由于流行病,不仅没有外援,而且车队也受到了一定的伤害。张承东到达苏州地区之前,双腿不适。为了保护他,球队没有安排与永昌的比赛。开始了,但是当球队遇到困难时他站起来,受伤受伤,并带领球队在少一位球员的情况下与对手对战。无论是中后卫,右后卫还是中场球员,张承东都不会后悔,只要有需要,他都会出现。在最关键的阶段,尤其是中央后卫潘西明和任航连续被停赛时,张成东差点自己建立了球队的防线,带领中国财富广场2-0击败SIPG,中国财富广场3比3平国安,张成东在绝地反击中以两个进球领先了补时阶段。玛尔·康(Maer Kang)杀了一名绝杀天津泰达(TIDA)的人,而张承东(Zhang Chengdong)最激动。他飞了几十米,拥抱了玛尔·康和教练组。在第13轮战胜武汉扎尔的比赛中,为了阻止武汉的外援埃夫拉(Evra)的近距离射门,张成东首次刺伤了足球,几乎用右小腿挡住了对手的投篮路线。经过队医的简单治疗,Almost在比赛中大部分时间都受伤了。在赛后的采访中,面对镜头,谈论球队一年中的历程充满了情感,几次被cho住了。面试后,一个男人坐在团队的长椅上,遮住脸并哭了。这是球队获胜的幸福眼泪,是压力释放的眼泪。只有他知道背后的痛苦经历,肩上的责任和压力。

   Yin Hongbo only played 10 times in the 2018-2019 two seasons due to injury, but he did not give up and the club did not give up on him. The club's senior management has always given him encouragement and greatest support. After arduous winter training and pre-season preparations, I can finally participate in the league healthy. But the first training after arriving in the competition area was suddenly injured, which once again made him desperate. He was full of confidence to participate in the league, but the first three games had to be absent due to injury. With the support of the club leaders, he gave him great confidence and finally made his debut in the fourth game. In the sixth round of the match against Wuhan, he scored again in the Super League after 1231 days, which did not disappoint the expectations of the club and fans.


   China Fortune Happiness was able to enter the championship group, and achieved zero goals in 4 games (3 games in the whole 2019 season) Ren Hang and Pan Ximing contributed a lot. In 2018, Pan Ximing suffered a serious injury. This time, he bid farewell to the Super League for a year and a half, and was on the verge of retirement. During the 10-month recovery period, Pan Ximing believed that "that period of time allowed myself to grow up overnight." After finally recovering from injury, Pan Ximing won a contract with China through trial training. In the 17th round of last season, he returned to the Super League after 621 days against Shanghai Shenhua. This season, Pan Ximing's main position in China Fortune is unshakable, and he has become the defensive needle of the team's back line. As of September 28, he has only trounced 2 games and started 12 games and played all the games.

China Fortune Happiness能够进入冠军组,并在4场比赛中实现了零进球(在整个2019赛季为3场比赛),任航和潘希明做出了很大贡献。 2018年,潘西明受重伤。这次,他告别了超级联赛一年半,并即将退休。在10个月的恢复期中,潘西明认为“这段时间让我一夜之间长大”。最终从伤病中恢复过来后,潘希明通过试训赢得了与中国的合同。在上赛季的第17轮中,他在对阵上海申花的621天后重返中超联赛。本赛季,潘锡明在《中国财富》杂志上的主要职位是不可动摇的,他已经成为球队后卫的防守针。截止到9月28日,他只踢了2场比赛,开始了12场比赛,并参加了所有比赛。

   Ren Hang has played more and more stable this season. Although he has received a red card due to irrationality, he cannot conceal his defensive contribution to China. As of the 14th round of this season, Ren Hang contributed 22 interceptions and 4th in the Super League, as well as 11 steals and 46 clearances, active fouls 18 times, less than many forwards and midfielders, and the number of fouls reached 24 times, even Higher than Ricardo Lopez, Oscar, Teixeira and other midfielders. This suffices to show that as a central defender whose physical advantage is not obvious, Ren Hang's defensive skills are more sophisticated than ever, and he even scored a goal.


Wang Qiuming was conscientious and unheard of. When he transferred to Hebei China Fortune in 2018, he was not optimistic. At first he could only train in the reserve team, but through his performance, he was appreciative of the coaching staff and entered the first team. . Through the trust of the club and its own efforts, it has grown rapidly. In the 2018 league, 3 goals and 2 assists, 2 goals and 2 assists in the 2020 season, including a goal in SIPG, leading the team to defeat the opponent for the first time in history. Wang Qiuming is active in fighting, with exquisite skills, long running distance and wide range of activities. He has become the metronome of the team's defense and offensive transition in the midfield. He was also selected for the national training team in 2019, and he hopes to be included in the national team roster in the future.

王秋明是尽职尽责的。当他于2018年调任河北中国财富时,他并不乐观。起初他只能在预备队中训练,但是通过他的表现,他对教练组表示赞赏,并进入了第一队。 。通过俱乐部的信任和自己的努力,俱乐部发展迅速。在2018年联赛中,2020赛季3球2助攻,2球2助攻,包括在SIPG中的一个进球,带领该队历史上首次击败对手。王秋明活跃于战斗之中,技能精湛,跑步距离长,活动范围广。他已经成为球队中场防守与进攻过渡的节拍器。他还于2019年入选国家训练队,他希望将来能被列入国家队名单。

  Hebei child Ding Haifeng, after drifting outside for two seasons, returned to China Fortune and returned to his hometown team. He was very happy and quickly integrated into the team. His performance in the game was also remarkable and his improvement was obvious. As a full-back this season, he played 11 times (2 games suspended due to red and yellow cards), contributed 4 assists, and tied for fourth place with Ren Hang with 22 successful interceptions and 16 successful steals. In the total score of the left back position in the first stage, Ding Haifeng ranked second with an average score of 6.85 points, which is higher than many current active international full-backs.


   The young goalkeeper Bao Yaxiong was promoted to the first team in 2018 and was once only the team's fourth goalkeeper. Last season, it was also the first time that the Chinese Super League played. He scored 2 goals in the away game against Shandong Luneng. He returned to the home court against Henan Jianye and was scored 2 goals. He lost to his opponent. For more time, Bao Bao was still in the reserve league. Play in the middle of the game and gain experience. But these experiences not only did not crush his self-confidence, but made Bao Bao more and more mature. At the same time, the club cultivated his confidence unchanged. Finally, through his own efforts during winter training, he was in excellent form this year and became the main force of the team. One of the heroes who advanced to the championship group.




The coaching staff has formulated detailed physical training plans during the winter training at the beginning of the season and during the epidemic. Through home training before the season and months of preparations at the Niutuo base, the team’s physical and physical condition can be maintained in good condition. The league is getting better.


   After the foreign aids Memisevic, Toure and Paulinho arrived in the competition area, the coaching staff specially developed a training plan for them to help them recover their physical fitness in the shortest time and reach their best condition. Technical analysis After each game, the coaching team will provide video and analysis of the game as soon as possible, and will also edit a collection of the next opponent for the team to learn before the game and provide strong support for the tactical arrangement.


   The strong protection of the medical team is also the key to the team's ideal results. Before entering the Suzhou competition area, the medical team specially selected team doctors, masseurs and recovery divisions from the reserve team, which also ensured that the team members' muscle and body treatment and muscle recovery were accelerated when the schedule was intensive. The intensity and pressure of their work are very high. They ensure medical protection during training every day. They treat, massage and relax the players on the night of training or the end of the game. The average working time is 20 hours a day. The ice cubes for the players to resume use are more than 150kg every day.


   They have almost no rest time after entering the competition area. Although some players were injured in the training at the beginning of the game, the medical team has formulated a personalized plan for each person's physical characteristics and injury conditions. Through special treatment, these players can quickly recover and play the game. After 14 high-intensity games, no serious injury in the team was enough to illustrate the effectiveness of the medical team. For example, Malkang was invaded by opponents in the last game and fell to the ground frequently for treatment. When the outside world felt that he was exhausted, he could not only score key goals, but also through active recovery treatment, he was able to resurrect with full blood and appear in the next In the starting lineup of the game.


   In addition, the logistics support team is inseparable from the team. For the team’s accommodation, travel, meals, each training and competition, the best plans and preparations are made in advance to ensure that all tasks are foolproof. They are often the first to arrive at the workplace, the last to leave, and the last to eat. Taking into account the boring and closed game life for more than two months, they took the initiative to communicate, set up a recreation room for the team, arranged chess and cards, board games, and e-sports equipment to help players effectively relieve the pressure of training and competition.


Of course, these are just a few examples of China Fortune. The excellent results achieved by the team are inseparable from everyone on the team, including substitute players such as Zhao Yuhao and Rosenwen, including young players such as Gao Huaze and Zhang Wei, as well as the front and back of the club. All staff. Everyone will maximize their abilities and take every job, every training session and every game seriously to ensure the positive development of the entire team.


   After the team successfully entered the championship group, the head coach Xie Feng expressed his gratitude to the club and team staff on behalf of the coaching staff. After the last match against Qingdao Yellow Sea, the whole team, led by the team leader Lang Zheng, went to the sidelines and paid tribute to the club leaders and staff in the stands.


   It can be said that it is not accidental or unexpected that the Hebei China Fortune Team can achieve such impressive results this year. It is they who went up to the club management, all departments of the club, down to all the players, coaching team, and working team for their concerted efforts and dedication, through the hard work of every game, every training session, every meeting, and every treatment In return. (Yuan Ye)

可以说,河北中国财富团队今年取得如此骄人的成绩并非偶然或意外。他们是通过每场比赛,每场训练,每一次会议的辛勤努力和奉献精神,向上到俱乐部管理层,俱乐部所有部门,再到所有球员,教练团队和工作团队的人,以及每一个治疗的回报。 (元野)

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