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LOL电竞下注|奥古斯托或缺席京鲁战首回合 国安破盾要靠赛保利

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   The first phase of the 2020 Chinese Super League ended on September 28. After more than ten days of rest, the second phase of the championship and relegation will start this Friday, and it will end on November 12. Compared to the first stage, each round of the second stage will be a "smart cut", 16 teams, two major competitions, they will unveil all the suspense of this year's Super League in the next 28 days.




   Can the upset appear in the first round?


   In this year's Super League, the Chinese Football Association added a transfer window. The third transfer period is from 0:00 on September 1st to 24:00 on September 30th. The 30-day transfer window and the rest period between the two stages allow the Super League teams to have plenty of time to adjust. The teams entering the relegation group have greater actions, and the "mystery solving" process in the Dalian Division will become more complicated. .

在今年的中超联赛中,中国足球协会增加了转会窗口。第三个转帐时间是从9月1日的0:00到9月30日的24:00。 30天的转会窗口以及两个阶段之间的休息时间使中超球队有足够的时间进行调整。进入降级小组的团队将采取更大的行动,大连分部的“解谜”过程将变得更加复杂。 。

   One major impact of the epidemic is that the number of downgrading places in the Super League this year has been reduced from 2 to 1.5. The 16th team in the Super League was directly relegated, and the 15th team will play two rounds of play-offs with the second-placed team. The primary goal of the eight teams in the relegation group is to avoid becoming the “deputy monitor” of the standings. This goal is due to too much uncertainty in the second stage of the cup competition system: as long as they can win any of the first two rounds (two rounds each), they can be relegated early.


  Tianjin Teda, who had the worst performance in the first stage, was once a favorite for relegation. It was difficult to win in 14 rounds. The result of only 3 points was not only the bottom of Group B, but also the lowest score among the 16 teams in the Super League. Ahmedov and Suarez, who joined in the third transfer window, have become the biggest variable in whether the former "Tianmen Tigers" can change their lives.


   Similar to Tianjin TEDA, Henan Jianye, who is the last to last in Group A, has only one more win for Jianye with 6 points. During this intermittent period, Jianye ushered in two major changes, one is the new coach Javier taking the post, and the other is that Bosnia and Herzegovina international Schunich joins on loan from Beijing Guoan to strengthen the defense.


   In the second stage, TEDA’s opponent in the first round was Shenzhen Kaisa, which had introduced a number of veteran Tianjin Tianhai generals; Henan Jianye faced Wuhan Zall led by Ma Yongkang. In the first stage, the opponents of the two groups of "deputy squad leaders" in the first stage are the teams that "almost" entered the championship group in the first stage. Although the results of the two sides are very different, it does not mean that the game will not burst. Unpopular.


   Compared with the adjustment of the relegation team, the eight teams entering the championship group are more stable, except for the Shandong Luneng coach changed from Li Xiaopeng to Hao Wei, and Shanghai Shenhua introduced Martinez and Bolaños.






The biggest shock to the championship team during the intermittent period is the change of coaches of Shandong Luneng. The changes that Hao Wei brings to the team will become the first round of the second phase of the "Beijing-Luzhou War" (October 17, 10) 22nd).


   Before heading to the Suzhou Division, Luneng played a warm-up match with Tianjin TEDA at the base. Hao Wei scored his first victory after coaching the team, 5 to 2. As Li Xiaopeng's former assistant, Hao Wei is very familiar with the team and does not need to go through a break-in period, but the impact of the change of coaches still cannot be ignored.


   Luneng showed a low profile after his coaching change, while Beijing Guoan went to the second stage of the Super League with a high profile. On the evening of October 11, Guoan arrived in the Suzhou Division, and the whole team underwent a nucleic acid test. The day before the expedition, the club held a half-way summary and championship mobilization meeting. The chairman of the club Zhou Jinhui changed the theme of the mobilization meeting from "Do my best and do my best" to "More determined and tough". crown. Guoan, the first to set foot on the training ground in the Suzhou Division, is currently morale, and the adjustment of personnel in key positions has become the team's biggest change in the "Beijing-Lu War".

换队后LOL电竞下注,鲁能表现低调,而北京国安则以高调进入中超联赛第二阶段。 10月11日晚上,国安到达苏州分部,整个团队进行了核酸测试。远征的前一天,俱乐部举行了中途总结和冠军动员会议。俱乐部主席周金辉将这次动员大会的主题从“尽我所能,尽我所能”变为“更加坚定,更坚强”。王冠。国安率先进入苏州分部的训练场,目前正在鼓舞士气,关键岗位人员的调整已成为该团队在“北京路战争”中最大的变化。



In the first stage of the game, Guoan ranked first in the number of goals scored. In addition, it led other teams in the number of passes (7946), pass success rate (86.94%), and ball possession rate (61.11%). The official commented on this, "They have given full play to team football and game control."


   If Guoan, who scored 36 goals in the first stage, is the most advantageous "spear" of the Super League, then Luneng, who only conceded 11 goals, is the strongest "shield". The match between Jinglu and Lu has performed many classic scenes, and I believe this time will not let the fans down.






   Same as the first stage of the Super League, Suzhou and Dalian are still the base camps of the 16 teams in the Super League-the championship team competed in Suzhou and the relegation team competed in Dalian. The difference from the first stage is that the teams are more familiar with the rhythm of the game system and can better deal with the second stage.


  According to the registration instructions issued by the Football Association to the clubs, the original arrangement that must arrive in their respective competition areas on October 12 has been adjusted so that each team can arrive within 3 days of 11, 12, and 13 according to their own arrangements. After entering the competition area, the first thing for each team is still to undergo nucleic acid testing, and to wait for the test results in isolation. If everything is normal, they can start training.


   The teams staying in the original competition area are more barrier-free. For example, Shanghai SIPG, Beijing Guoan, Chongqing Dangdai and Hebei Huaxia, who competed in Suzhou in the first stage, still stayed in their original locations.




The changes appear on the training ground. Previously, the training grounds used by the teams will be rotated regularly, but the second phase is much shorter than the first phase. Therefore, each team selects venues according to the first phase’s points ranking and will no longer rotate after it is determined. .

更改出现在训练场上。以前,团队使用的训练场将定期轮换,但是第二阶段比第一阶段要短得多。因此,每个团队都会根据第一阶段的得分排名来选择场地,并且在确定后将不再轮换。 。

   The first stage of the experience put the Super League on track this season. As another important factor in the football game, referees in the championship and relegation groups have been placed in accordance with the principle of territorial avoidance. By then, Zhang Lei, Guo Baolong, Shen Yinhao, Shi Zhenlu, Gu Chunhan, Hei Xiaohu and others will be the referees in the championship competition; Ma Ning, Fu Ming, Guan Xing, Wang Di and other Chinese Super League guards will enforce the relegation group. game.


   Part of the controversy in the first stage has made the Football Association intend to invite foreign referees to enforce the second stage of key games, and further strengthen the professional training of local referees, and unify the penalty scale. The second stage of the game determines the final results of the teams, and should no longer be controversial and sentenced to robbery.


Written by Zhou Xiao, reporter of Beijing News


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